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The Sunburn

The Sunburn is the parody/satire section of the MC Sun. Articles posted under the Sunburn may or may not use real names and events. All articles within the Sunburn are either fiction of exaggerations of the truth. Stories regarding politicians, celebrities, or the Mt. Carmel staff, are based on real people, but will be almost completely fictional. The Sunburn section in no way represents truthful news and those who believe the news to be true are mistaken.

How To Get Away With New Year’s Resolutions

As 2015 picks up, people everywhere are promising to make changes, to be better. Whether it’s losing weight or quitting smoking, people look to this year with greater optimism than they had with previous years.. Here are some helpful tips for cruising on Resolution Road. Instead of dieting, watch Food …

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Sasquatch out for this new trend

Commonly called “The Squatch” by his comrades in the North American wilderness, this “mythical” beast began as a normal man who made No-shave November a year-round ordeal. He decided to spread his ideas into southern California upon his return home. Recently, the trend has affected the entire MC student body. …

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The haunting of the k-building

Word on the street is that there are some freaky things going on in the K-building’s girls bathroom. Sophomore Shelby Davidson disclosed the horror she experienced about a week ago due to the obvious possession of the K building girls restroom by an unwelcome ghoul. “Recently, I was taking a …

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The Unavoidable Senior “Sickness”

On the first day of every high school student’s senior year, a strange disease begins to manifest itself. This potent virus lays dormant from the start of an individuals freshman year; it is unavoidable and its symptoms vary in their severity and apparentness. Commonly known as Senioritis, this epidemic has …

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