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The Sunburn

The Sunburn is the parody/satire section of the MC Sun. Articles posted under the Sunburn may or may not use real names and events. All articles within the Sunburn are either fiction of exaggerations of the truth. Stories regarding politicians, celebrities, or the Mt. Carmel staff, are based on real people, but will be almost completely fictional. The Sunburn section in no way represents truthful news and those who believe the news to be true are mistaken.

These battle scars

In the words of irrelevant 2012 artist Lupe Fiasco, “These battle-scars don’t look like they’re fading”. Everyone has a scar, and a story to go along with it. Some are deeper than others, and leave more stark a mark after the wound has healed. These scars are what make us …

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Unicorns Are Officially Extinct

On April 19, Starbucks released an absurdly flavored drink called the Unicorn Frappucino. There are rumors spreading that the ingredients of this crazy beverage may actually contain the last remains of unicorn horn in the world. While many line up to mindlessly jump on the new food trend for the …

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Weird Food, a Crime Against Humanity

The United Nations called for an emergency meeting on February 30th, and ambassadors from across the globe met in Switzerland for the highly urgent assembly. After a recent uprising in bizarre and appalling food trends, the UN met to put a stop to an alarming crisis. During the meeting, foods …

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Over-Analyzing at Its Finest

It’s in every teenager’s head. It’s in many adults, too; it may even be more prevalent to people as they get older. Over-analyzing is an art which can be mastered at any age. Once the beholder of this effective aspect on life, it will never leave its owner mind. Did …

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Oh No My Turtle Ran Away!

Recently a new epidemic is plaguing suburban neighborhoods as numerous reports have been made of seemingly innocent testudinidae making mad dashes from their homes. Missing turtle and tortoise posters are plastered all around the community, posing the question “Have You Seen Me?”, with some offering awards of up to $20 …

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Foreign Smell Terrorizes Science Building

The science buildings here at MC are among the most prestigious and well-kept on campus. Housing such toxic and volatile chemicals, and equipment worth thousands of dollars, the PUSD Board prioritizes the building itself, keeping it in tip top shape. So when a foreign smell began to permeate the building, …

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