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CON: Gun Restrictons


Oregon community college. NAU. Sandy Hook. These nightmarish school  shootings made guns appear to be the enemy of the United States. However, guns don’t shoot themselves. The person holding it becomes responsible for every shot fired. With policies like the Brady Law, background checks are conducted on people purchasing guns. …

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Tackling the transgender media divide


When is the last time you saw transgender person on your tv screen? Hopefully, with the rise in positive portrayal of transgender people, the answer is recently. If not, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Reality television shows like I Am Jazz  on TLC, I Am Cait on E!, and …

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Keep your hands off the Hamsa


Everyone recognizes it: the classic little hand symbol that is being displayed by countless individuals around their necks, wrists and fingers. This popular fashion trend has taken the world by storm as the hipster uprising continues. Not only used in jewelry, but also in shirts, wall decorations, and many other …

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The truth behind Super Brain Yoga


  Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a simple daily exercise that could almost immediately improve your grades, IQ, and overall intelligence? Now advertised and patented by Master Choa Kok Sui’s Institute for Inner Studies, Super Brain Yoga claims to do just that. This new trend has taken the internet …

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Color in Culture

Photo by Andy Basile

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, and cultural appropriation set sailed along with him. Over the course of history, America has been introduced to diverse cultures and has formed some of its own. But, in its entirety, America remains majority white up to the present day. The introduction of …

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Just ask


Your eyes follow me as I walk past you in the hall. I watch you wonder. I know what you are thinking. I smile. Your eyes dart away as fast as they can. You sit down in class and try to find out what is going on with me. I …

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Con: Participation Trophies

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“Congratulations! You didn’t win, but you (hopefully) tried hard, so here’s an award to make you feel better.” This is essentially the purpose behind giving children participation awards. Not to congratulate them for accomplishing some great task, or winning a competition, but for merely being present. Many parents present the …

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“Where are you from?” I reply, “San Diego.” This time, the asker has a slight lilt in his tone. He asks, “No, but where are you from?” At this point, I understand what he implies – that I am not from America but rather an immigrant from Asia. I respond, …

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