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Girls are growing up too fast


Makeup, high heels, and purses: all things that little girls couldn’t wait to reach the age in which they would be old enough to use. They watched their mothers apply mascara and lipstick, and longed for the day that they would be at the mirror beside them. This is a …

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Words hurt: unlearning ableism


An article by the title  of “The SJW Syndrome” was recently published by the MC Sun, detailing the hostility of certain “social justice warriors.” While reviewing it, a few of my fellow editors expressed confusion as to a term included in the article: ableism. As a result, I decided that …

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Barbie Doll or Barbie Fail?

new barbies

For a long time now, Mattel, a major toy manufacturer, has been providing girls around the world with Barbie dolls. Every three seconds, there is approximately one Barbie sold to a child. Barbie dolls, with their extremely slim waists and luxurious blonde hair, have since then been an idol for …

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Fight for…$7.25?


All across the nation a movement is stirring, and a group is mobilizing. Fight for 15 represents a joint effort by fast food workers everywhere to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars, what the group defines as a living wage. As I peruse, I can’t help but notice …

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Organs for Sale?

organ donation

Organ donation is a very well-known process in the medical universe. Because many patients suffer deadly sicknesses that cost them organs, organ transplants have been created to counter these deaths. From this process, organ donations have emerged. Organ donation is the process of donating a patient’s organs when they pass …

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The Letterman Controversy: A Rebuttal

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“You have a letter? For what? Band?” The blatant scorn of athletes regarding the coveted letterman is all too common. I’ve never lettered myself, but I can understand the pull of the jacket. Students who wear them are automatically placed a rung higher in the school spirit hierarchy. A letterman …

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Let’s get this straight.

  Muslim does not translate to terrorist. An FBI study tracking the involvement of Muslims in terrorism from 1988-2005 concluded that 94% of terrorists were non-Muslim. Terrorists are terrorists. Christians, Jews, Catholics, Atheists, and Muslims are all capable of being terrorists. Terrorism is not defined as a religious group, but …

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Survival of the richest

Money can’t buy happiness, they say. Money won’t make friends, they say. But money is key for survival in a world that caters to those holding the biggest wad of cash. The medical field has advanced tremendously and the majority of diseases now have cures, but there still remains a …

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