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The Cheating Culture


In the classroom when a teacher calls for homework to be collected, the feverish shuffling of papers fills the room, along with whispering of panicked students asking to see a completed paper. If you were to look at the average high schooler’s camera roll on their phone, half of it …

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Concept of Positivity


Come New Year’s Day, social media is inundated with declarations such as, “Only positivity in 20XX”, “Good vibes only”, or the ever popular, “New Year, new me!”. These manifestos, while positive and encouraging, are overly idealistic to the point of being childish. In keeping with the theme of positivity, many …

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The Holidays are no Jolly Days

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Apart from being a season of giving, the holidays are a time for shoving over false sales, wasting your time in long lines, and stressing over finding an adequate present. Whenever the holiday season rolls around, many frenzied shoppers drag themselves to the mall every other day with the determined …

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Black Thanksgiving

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After a wholesome evening of devouring potatoes and turkey and spending time with loved ones, many families include a  post-meal shopping excursion in their Thanksgiving night ritual. Though scoring early Black Friday deals might spell out family bonding for some, it comes at the cost of the Thursday night employees’ …

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I’m thankful for my family, but are you really?


The holiday season has arrived, and with it comes cookies, gifts, cheer, and numerous family gatherings. Thanksgiving always poses the question: “What are you thankful for?”, with all around the dinner table promptly delivering the cliché answer of “family”. It is expected to be thankful for family, regardless of the …

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The True Value of Advanced Placement Courses


There are several high school experiences universally shared by all American teens. Among them are homecoming, prom, and Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate courses. Here at MC,  AP courses, especially, have become essential to the school’s curriculum. Yet, what once were college-preparatory classes for students wishing to advance their knowledge …

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The Technology Barrier


Since the dawn of our smartphone era, cell phone manufacturers and cell service carriers alike have flaunted the many benefits of instant connectivity. Oftentimes, these companies will air touching commercials that feature long distance lovers or cross country family members enjoying a heartwarming conversation over whatever lastest and greatest smartphone …

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Student Voting Guide: Environmental Laws


For many students who will be able to vote in the upcoming 2016 election, the primary focus will be on Clinton and Trump as the two presidential candidates. While these candidates and their various platforms and policies are the most publicly discussed aspect of any election year, there are still …

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Real is radiant


As time goes on, it gets more and more stressful to try to fit the ever-stiffening social idea of perfection–and that’s exactly why fashion’s beloved brands are using their prominence to destroy the idea of standardized beauty. Aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie brand, recently launched its “Share Your Spark” campaign, founded …

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