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Happy Halloween MC!

Walking around the campus, cats, bananas, vampires, and witches roam the campus this Halloween! Students and teachers dressed to the nines in the best costumes they own celebrating this holiday. Everyone is preparing for a night of trick-or-treating, scary movies, parties, and staying out late because no one has school …

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Spirit week taking flight

To continue on with spirit week, students and teachers on campus have dressed up as Carl from Pixar’s “Up”. Carl is the adorable old man and protagonist in the movie. Even teachers, for example Mr. Bird, decked himself out with a comb-over, suspenders, glasses, cane, and even a balloon. Tomorrow …

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Bipartisan Resolution Ends Government Shutdown

America’s third longest government shutdown, lasting 16 days from the start of October, was brought to a long-anticipated close just after midnight on Oct. 16th. Senate leaders convened and presented a resolution bill that, once signed by President Obama, reopened the federal government and offered a temporary solution to the …

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NYC beating by a vicious biker gang

On Sept. 19, Alexian Lien’s one year wedding anniversary, a pack of bikers pummeled his vehicle after a traffic quarrel escalated into a high-speed chase around Manhattan, New York. Lien allegedly hit one biker after he had been cut off, which resulted in no injury or damage to either vehicle. …

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Minimum wage vs. life wage

In this recent debate over whether the minimum wage should be raised to life wage, workers across America protest for the wage to be raised. “It depends on the circumstances for whether the minimum wage should be raised or not. Truthfully, I don’t believe that teens really need to earn …

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