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Aleppo falls to Syrian Government

Aleppo, once home to 2.3 million people, served as Syria’s industrial and financial center. Today, the city is in mere ruins after more than five years of war. According to, more than 13.5 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance as a result of the civil war which …

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Amazon Go: Revolutionizing the Way You Buy Milk

This past Monday, Dec. 5 Amazon announced Amazon Go, its new format for grocery stores. The commercial for this idealized form of shopping has been number 1 on YouTube’s trending page consistently since its’ release. The central claim of  Amazon Go is that the store would have “no lines, no …

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The Aftermath of the Presidential Election

Following November’s announcement of Donald Trump as president-elect, the growing concern of targeted harassment across the nation has been echoed within our own school district. The contentious race alone managed to cause discord among students and staff, but the election outcome itself has introduced a completely separate issue. Not only …

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MC’s 2016 Blood Drive

Tuesday, Oct. 4, MC’s Key Club joined with the Red Cross Club to run yet another successful blood drive, partnered with the Red Cross. All day, students and staff ventured to room M1 to give up about an hour of their time and a pint of their blood. Denise Coughlin, …

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MC Faces Threat of Gun Violence

Students, parents, and staff members at MC were notified of a possible gun threat that became apparent last night. The social media image in question circulated via Instagram at approximately 10:08 PM after concerned students began taking action to bring attention to the situation. Various members of the community eventually …

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Native American protest in North Dakota

Part of the Native American culture that is so elemental is the sense of unification. Tribes have always joined together in the face of oppression and times of trouble. From the Iroquois Confederation– five tribes putting aside differences to defend their land — to the recent modern day occurrence of …

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