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McDonald’s employees have had enough.

Small, monumental steps forward signified the continuation of the #MeToo movement, but this time in the fast food industry. On September 18, McDonald’s workers in ten different cities across the nation went on strike. This strike was to protest sexual harassment in the workplace. The employees walked out during their …

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Warning: The Pacific Ocean is warming

Hundreds of west coast residents swarmed the coastlines this summer seeking refuge from the scorching sun. Much to their surprise, warm temperatures seemed to replace the cool waters. Although the mysterious change in temperatures were a pleasant shock to many beach goers, scientists are concerned as reports on pacific ocean …

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Walking for Rett Syndrome

About one of every 10,000 females are diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. At MC, senior Kelley Helisberyg is one of these females. “Rett Syndrome is rare neurological disorder that affects the brain’s growth and development, making it unable for a person to walk, speak, and [perform] basic functions of the hands,” …

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Korean Peninsula: A history of conflict

The future of foreign relations between North Korea and its adversaries seems to be promising. In late March of this year, Kim Jong-un met with President Xi Jinping of China to discuss relations. This came as a big surprise to the world and got news outlets talking about a potential …

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The California primary elections

An important day for Californians is here, as the primary election on June 5, 2018 begins. The outcome will result in who will run for governor and includes many other open positions. Not to mention this election, Dianne Feinstein continues to run for Senate, after five consecutive wins. Out of …

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There is such thing as humane meat

Over the past decade, San Francisco-based food manufacturing company Hampton Creek has sprinted ahead in vegan product innovation, keeping pace with the global vegan and vegetarian population surge. If you have stopped by your local health food store’s dairy section in the past few years, you have likely passed over …

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