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Native American protest in North Dakota

Part of the Native American culture that is so elemental is the sense of unification. Tribes have always joined together in the face of oppression and times of trouble. From the Iroquois Confederation– five tribes putting aside differences to defend their land — to the recent modern day occurrence of …

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Update: Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Over two years ago in April of 2014, city and state officials of Flint, Michigan, decided to switch to a cheaper alternative water source: the Flint River. The water, however, was not treated immediately and consequently led to the corrosion of city pipes. In December of the same year, Flint …

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The State that’s Seeking to be Soddened

California has always been an exciting hotspot for fun-seeking tourists, but recent visitors have started to think otherwise after finding that the only thing offered in this golden state is Not Soak City. What once was only a short-lived conservation craze in the media has extended into years of notorious, …

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Silver Linings Corner

Monday, August 22. Germany. #PanicBuying Since recent terror attacks in Germany, the government has advised citizens to stockpile food and water, in the event of an emergency. This is the first time since the Cold War that Germany’s government has issued warning of this degree. There have been no direct …

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LochteGate: Scandal Untangled

  The world has been abuzz with a scandal involving some members of the US Men’s swim team lying and covering up a vandalism at this year’s Rio Olympics. Some of the members of the team claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint at a Rio gas station. However, officials …

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