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Urban Culture Club tears it up

Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

If you’ve ever walked past K-28 during lunch on Wednesdays, you probably heard a mixture of beats, rapping, and rhymes as MC seniors Minh Hong and Kevin Tran explore the realm of Urban Culture. “Kevin and I wanted a place where people could discover urban art, and discover the hip …

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A Girl Scout You Can Count On

Joe Gonzalez | Photographer

When the words “Girl Scouts” are heard, the first thing that comes to mind is cookies. At this point in our lives it’s practically instinct to reach into our pockets and shovel out the cash just to score a few boxes of those beloved Thin Mints. But, just because those …

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A fresh angle on Engebrits

Photo by Chianne Mallari

As of his daughter’s birth date, MC teacher Michael Engebrits has been working on more than just mat. Engebrits also teaches AP Computer Science for all those who wish wish to learn the world of coding. “I love all the relationships that I get to build with students. We have …

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Student Services assists families in need

Every holiday season, Student Services chooses a select number of families to receive nutritional assistance from MC. Families are eligible to be chosen for the program after being identified as a low income household. “We do it to ensure the kids of these families are being fed during the holidays,” …

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Mrs. Ellsworth’s big news

Tiffany Luu | Photographer

MC’s new  history teacher, Mrs. Megan Ellsworth, has some big news. She is having a baby. Ellsworth and her husband Aaron Reinero are looking forward to the new addition to their family. “We are very excited,” Ellsworth said. “It is our third. We don’t know yet if we are having …

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MC’s art corner: Natasha Orie


“I like art because you are the one that creates the art piece,” senior Natasha Orie said. “You get to make things and you can control the outcome. It’s you that produces the product.” Orie has been in art classes periodically throughout her life and really enjoys creating projects. “I …

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Piercing the surface


In life, things go wrong all the time, in one way or another. For sophomore Ally Forkas, not only does this statement reign true, but it is also accompanied by a barbell… and too much skin. “I wanted my belly pierced so me and my friends got a kit and …

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Passion for Fashion


Wire, dye, and thread. These simple products, ordinary to many of us, are the foundation of three MC students’ creative side. A sophomore girl whose name will remain anonymous to protect her business, makes unique necklaces. She transforms black cord, wire, and polished stones into a piece of handmade jewelry. …

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Thompson trims his way to the top

Tiffany Luu | Photographer

He’s known as the guy with the crazy ponytail who leads the cheers in the Red Sea every week, @ianthabarber by 534 Twitter followers, and, to his clients and friends, Ian Thompson. With his sweet kicks and fly style, it’s no surprise that there’s another thing he’s got hidden in …

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