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Sundevil Spotlight: Shiv Monteiro

When did you start playing volleyball? Why? I started playing sophomore year on a whim because it seemed like a fun laid-back sport.   What do you enjoy most about playing volleyball? The thing I enjoy most about volleyball are the people on the team.   What do you like …

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Stock Project takes over campus, seniors, teachers invest blood, sweat and tears

For senior AP US Government and Politics students and a few teachers, spring, and capitalism, has sprung and the campus is buzzing with the pursuit of green. Each year, students participate in a virtual stock exchange sponsored by the Wall Street Journal to learn how the market works. Teacher Kris …

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MC offers rewarding performing arts programs

Host of one of the biggest tournaments in all of California, winner of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, as well as a Grammy, Mt. Carmel boasts an esteemed marching band and concert band. Such achievements are not made overnight, however, as many hours are invested by individual band members. “During marching …

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Too Good for Sleep? Try Again.

By: Mitchell Kogan. Dr. Dement, the professor of Sleep and Dreams, argues that the most important part of the class is sharing our knowledge that we gain through the 10-week class and share it with our community. Our final project is aimed at outreach, attempting to educate both students and …

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Buddhism is a religion originated in India by Buddha, also known as Gautama. This religion later spread to China, Burma, Japan, Tibet, and several parts of Southeast Asia. It teaches that life is full of suffering originally caused by desires. To end this suffering, Buddha claims that by destroying hatred, …

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