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MC Goes Hiking

Photo Courtesy of Ye Aung

MC students hit the trails, trading school supplies for hiking essentials, as a part of MC’s newest hiking club. The club, started by junior Oakkar Aung this school year, received early support, with a little over 35 people at the first meeting. “We have a group of friends who really …

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A Sundevil that plays dress-up with style

Photo courtesy of

As if being a spirited Sundevil and dedicated Color Guard member does not keep her busy enough, senior Karen Whealdon spends her free time preparing for war as a viking, working against the Illuminati, and just taking dress-up to a whole different level. In order to invest herself in her …

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These skater girls kill it on the ice

Photo courtesy of Kendall Garrett

Every ice-skating rink has an unspoken pecking order, working from outside in. The rookies clutch the railing, stiffly inching along, as they gaze longingly out at the graceful skaters who make pirouettes look  effortless. Senior Kendall Garrett and junior Polina Guseva both know the hard work and dedication required to …

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AP Environmental Science Project Spotlight

apes picture

 For the rest of the school year, students in Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES) will be designing and completing their biggest assignment of the class. Students are tasked with designing their own projects to implement what they have learned and show how it applies to real life. The main purpose …

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Darshana Patel: PUSD’s Newest Board Member


The Sun recently interviewed Darshana Patel, Poway Unified School District’s newest school board member. This is Patel’s first year as a member of the board. She serves alongside four other board members. The following is a transcript of the interview conducted on January 19. Q: Why did you decide to …

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A Kenyan Student’s Opportunity for Education

Photo courtesy of Osiris Valle

Education is something that everybody needs but not everybody has access to. Over the months of November and December, Interact Club members raised money to fund Tracy Akaji Awinde’s second year of high school in Kenya. Awinde is the fifth Kenyan student that the club has sponsored. MC’s Interact Club …

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Giving Others a Second Chance

Photo courtesy of Elise Kirkbride

While many privileged individuals don’t  think twice about how fortunate they are, two Sundevils recognize their advantages and help those who aren’t as lucky. Seniors Veena Bobba and Elise Kirkbride are regular volunteers at an aid agency in Pacific Beach, California. Second Chances Bread of Life is a group that …

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