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Review: Catching Fire A

The movie Catching Fire takes place one year after Katniss Everdeen’s victory in the 74th annual Hunger Games, and she is faced with a difficult task: convincing the districts that her final act in the last hunger games was an act of love, not one of defiance. First, some background. …

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Review: Santorini Island Grill B+

  For those of you passing through Scripps Ranch, you may have seen the restaurant called Santorini Grill. Santorini Grill is a restaurant that serves Greek sandwiches, plates, and salads. The restaurant décor is nothing out of the ordinary, and they offer your basic indoor and outdoor seating. The servers …

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Review: Pure Heroine B

A little known New Zealand teen singer-songwriter named Lorde has recently risen to worldwide acclaim with her hit debut studio album Pure Heroine. This album can’t really be categorized into one genre, but is most close to alternative pop. Pure Heroine has 10 songs, and all have differences, but are …

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Review: “Allegiant” – C

I waited more than a year for Allegiant, eagerly anticipating the conclusion of an impressive trilogy that had thus far never disappointed me.  But this time, it did. In the beginning of the book, Veronica Roth leaps straight into the plot and emerges with a disappointing bundle of scientific details …

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The rise in popularity of music videos has not only lead to the fame of music artists for their artistic, mind blowing, or astonishing portrayal of their songs, but also lead to the rise of parodies. A parody is a sort of copy or replication of an already made music …

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TV Alternatives: an Internet Revolution

While television may have been an integral part of the household for decades, recently other alternatives have taken precedence. At the end of a long, hard day, many find it comforting to retire into the cushions of their couch to unwind before the latest episode of their favorite show. But …

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