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Review: Taylor Swift “1989”

taylor swift

It seems that America’s favorite blonde-bobbed, red lipstick wielding sweetheart has struck again with a series of love, heartbreak and anthem songs. Amounting to her fifth studio album, 1989,  Swift has opened a new chapter in her music career – and the world is loving it. In what seems to …

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Addicted to Trivia Crack

We’ve all heard it before: “Say no to drugs.” Schools and parents warn us away from nicotine and marijuana, but a new drug is sweeping across the globe faster than we can keep up with. Trivia Crack, the quiz game that all your friends have been ignoring you at lunch …

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The Controversy of The Interview


The Interview is a political satire film directed by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, starring Rogan as Aaron Rapoport and James Franco as Dave Skylark. Skylark, host of the talk show “Skylark Tonight”, discovers that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is a fan of his work. Hoping to be taken …

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Unbroken review C+


Winter movies are struggling in the new year. Hollywood seems to have some odd fascination with war this season and they need to shake it off. There is nothing wrong with historical movies, they just have the potential to be extremely boring and Unbroken is not an exception. Unbroken came …

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Deck the beards with baubles

Christmas Beard

  Quick! If you had a beard, how would you prepare it for the holidays?  If you answered “decorate it like a Christmas tree”, then you would be correct. A festive twist on the hipster trend of flower beards (which is exactly what it sounds like -seriously, feel free to …

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VSCO brings film back to present


We are a nation of nostalgics. Sentimentalism is a part of Americana, from the raw, earthy tones of gramophones used centuries ago to the (almost) instant gratification of a polaroid photo. It almost seems the farther we progress technologically, the more we long to transcend our own timestamp and swap …

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