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Chloe Jiang

Chloe Jiang
Chloe Jiang is a senior and a co-editor-in-chief of The Sun, a tea aficionado, a La Jolla Cove frequenter, a grammar snob, and an advocate for gender equality. Among her favorite words are bougie and trite.

MC Goes Hiking

Photo Courtesy of Ye Aung

MC students hit the trails, trading school supplies for hiking essentials, as a part of MC’s newest hiking club. The club, started by junior Oakkar Aung this school year, received early support, with a little over 35 people at the first meeting. “We have a group of friends who really …

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Get Out: A Necessary Movie in the 21st Century


Get Out is a movie of firsts. Jordan Peele—the first African-American writer-director with a debut movie that grossed over $100 million—introduced into the hearts and minds of viewers arguably the most necessary horror movie to hit the screens. It is the first movie reaching a broad audience that accurately addresses social …

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Darshana Patel: PUSD’s Newest Board Member


The Sun recently interviewed Darshana Patel, Poway Unified School District’s newest school board member. This is Patel’s first year as a member of the board. She serves alongside four other board members. The following is a transcript of the interview conducted on January 19. Q: Why did you decide to …

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Decade Dates in San Diego


Though the days of poodle skirts and greasers may be behind us (at least for the most part), there still exists a way to time travel through the decades, even in San Diego. The city offers a wide array of options for people to take a step back from today …

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Everbowl: Arguably The Best Bowl Ever


Forget coffee shops. Shops serving freshly blended fruit smoothies and bowls have increasingly populated the Southern California food scene. MC students are not strangers to such establishments, with Nekter only several minutes away and Golden Bagel, a Sundevil favorite, even serving the allusive acai bowl. Recently, a new spot has …

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The True Value of Advanced Placement Courses


There are several high school experiences universally shared by all American teens. Among them are homecoming, prom, and Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate courses. Here at MC,  AP courses, especially, have become essential to the school’s curriculum. Yet, what once were college-preparatory classes for students wishing to advance their knowledge …

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Update: Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Photo Courtesy of The Detroit News

Over two years ago in April of 2014, city and state officials of Flint, Michigan, decided to switch to a cheaper alternative water source: the Flint River. The water, however, was not treated immediately and consequently led to the corrosion of city pipes. In December of the same year, Flint …

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